Daniel W. Lee
Daniel W. Lee has been serving in ministry for the better part of 25 years, with over half of that in full time service.  He has been blessed with many gifts, both in musical ministry, teaching and preaching.  
He holds both a Bachelor's Degree in Human Environmental Science from  the University of Alabama and an Associates in Music from Northeast Alabama Community College.

Over the years, Daniel has served as a Minister of Music, a Pastor, Youth Minister, and Minister of Education and Senior Adults.  Part of his tenure several years ago was also focused as BCM director at a Junior College.  

As far as music is concerned, Daniel is a songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and plays piano, guitar, drums, bass, organ, trombone, trumpet and other instruments.

Currently, Daniel serves as Minister of Music and Youth at a Baptist Church in Etowah County (part time). If you or your church has an opening on the staff as either a Pastor or Music and Youth Ministry, please contact him at . 

Please enjoy any or all of the selections included on this page, and thank you for your consideration!
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the sermon "Doers of the Word"
Original song by Daniel entitled "Still He Walked"
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the sermon "The Church That Jesus Built"